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Assemble the three parts of the ship and fill it with six fuel packs.

You can go through the margins of the  screen and you will appear on the opposite side.

When you load with a ship piece or fuel pack you can drop it passing over the base piece of the ship.

Once the ship is assembled and full fueled, get into the base piece to leave the planet.


  • Six types of enemies
  • Four powerups
  • Random platform level generation
  • Hiscore saving
  • Credits to continue game (lossing the score)

Good luck!

Inspired by Ultimate's classic ZX Spectrum game.

Update 20221112: added possibility to switch fire/jump buttons from console ingame menu. I left the original configuration by default (A-Fire, B-fly) but you can switch it choosing the option "switch btns" in the in-game menu:

Music created by Víctor (https://snabisch.itch.io)

Coded in LUA using PlayDate's SDK.

Programmed by Oscar BraindeaD, 2022

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsArcade, jetpac, Playdate, ultimate, ZX Spectrum


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nice level of polish but my inital thoguht is that the buttons are the wrong way roaund. b should be shoot and a jump, like in mario?

Hmmm... interesting... you can fly by pressing UP in the DPAD (in fact I use UP direction to fly), but It's a good idea I'll change the button assigment and I'll put an option in system menu to switch between them. Thanks

Hi LowtekGames, just upload a new version with the option to switch buttons. The default option remains being A-Fire and B-Fly but you can change from ingame menu (the selection is not saved so each time you launch the game you must change the controls) Thank for your idea. Best regards.

Que bien, otro juego con mi música. Gracias por confiar en mi trabajo.

Eres un grandísimo programador.

Muchas gracias Snabich por tus músicas y tu apoyo!


El JetPack!!!

Lo estás petando!!!

Gracias crack! Jetpac fue uno de los primeros juegos que jugué en mi Spectrum y le tengo mucho cariño. Espero que esta versión esté a la altura del original :