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In this card game, you are in a 1000 milles road race against your ZX Next CPU. Try to be the fist player reaching exactly 1000 milles.

There are several types of cards: 

  • Accident
  • Repair
  • Distance
  • Ace cards

Each accident card is fixed by a repair. The target distance is reached by playing distance cards.

In the turn, each player may use a card:

  • Green semaphore, if the red semaphore is active ans there isn't accident cards.
  • Distance card, if green semaphore is on. If there is speed limitation in player area, only 25 and 50 distance cards can be played.

 You can't use more than two 200 milles card. The distance card you use, can't exceed the 1000 milles top.

  • Repair card, if an accident type flat tire, out of gas or collision occurs, you can fix it with the correct repair card: spare type, gas tank and collision repair.

 If a speed limit is set, ypu can remove it with a end of limit card.

 You must repair any accident card before you can roll again with the green semaphore.  

  • Accident card, if the opponent's accident zone is empty, you can use one accident card (flat tire, out of gas or collision). You can use a speed limit card, even 

 if an accident card is in the opponent's zone. You can't use an accident card if the opponent has an Ace card that protects against it.

Aces card, you can use them to protect again certain accidents types:

   Ace driver: protects against out of fuel, flat tire and collision cards 

  •    Ace fuel: protects against out of fuel card
  •    Ace wheel: protects against flat tire card
  •    Ace priority: red semaphore and speed limit cards

If you repair and accident (out of fuel, flat tire or collision) you need play a green semaphore card in order to roll again except if you have the Ace priority card that enables the green semaphore as soon as the reparation is done.

You can voluntarily or if you can't play any card in your turn, discard on card of the hand.


  • Q or Left cursor-left
  • W or Right curdor-right
  • P or Space-play card  
  • D or X -discart card
  • N - returns to menu

This game was done using:

ZX Basic compiler (https://www.boriel.com/ by José Rodríguez Boriel)

NextBuild (http://zxbasic.uk/nextbuild/ by David Saphier)

Shiru's BeepFX engine and sounds (https://shiru.untergrund.net/software.shtml)

Thanks to Duefectu, Alessandro Grussu and Arnau Jess for his help.

Game coded by Oscar BraindeaD in august-september 2021

Updated 22 days ago
GenreCard Game


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Can you do a video demo?

Sure! I'll try make one gameplay video next weekend. Best regards!

Thank you

Hi! video added in the top of screen. Thank for your interest!