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Been playing this on the NSwitch recently and really enjoy it.  Saw this for the next so thought I would try this too.

Great start to the product but I have some points.

The alignment is slightly out... .  

If a branch is above me and there is a branch on the opposite side at the bottom lowest position, i should need to chop the bottom one away.  It is opposite to the way it should be, and i infact have to move into the space where the bottom branch is to chop it away else I get clunked on the head.  

Minor niggle I know, but when I am so used to played the switch version, this throws me completely.

I think line 7045 should be after 7055 so that when you move into a branch, you die.  And your random generation routine for branches should have a guarantee of enough space on opposite side when chopping bottom branch out. (proc createbranches, and line 5027 in proc updatebranches).  

Also, i dont think the random routine accommodates for blank spaces either.  There is not always a branch to chop, but just some trunk sometimes.

Be great to see these extras added.  And two or 3 player support also.  Imagine the manic fun to be had!

Keep up the good work on the Next.

Thanks for playing and taking the time to comment and suggest improvements to the game!

I will take your comments into account to see if they are viable and try to implement them as soon as possible.

Thanks again.

Best regards

Good job on the game!! Lost of fun :)
Would it be possible to add game controller support? I don't want to wear out my keyboard. ;) 

Hi and thanks for play it! Yes, good idea, could be interesting use joystick to play. I will add it soon. Thanks for the suggestion, NML3W.


Thank you for adding Joystick support. :)

Thank you for playing and share the suggestion!