Control your knight with cursor keys. 

Use 🅾️ to fire and ❎ to dash. 

While dashing you can't receive damage and kill all the enemies you hit.

You must wait until your dash bar is full to press ❎ and a direction in order to dash.

Sometimes the dead enemies releases powerups, take them to gain improvements.

Powerups are:

  •    L   Extra life
  •    K   Kills enemies
  •    W   Weapon enhacement
  •    S   Shield
  •    T   Time paused
  •    D   Doppelganger

There are five stages:

  • Forest
  • Bridge
  • Castle
  • Dungeon
  • Graveyard

Update v1.1:

  • Added shadow to powerup  sprite
  • Increased number of explosions when player dies
  • Added skull when player dies

Update v1.2:

  • Added  level 1 Knightmare's music... by the great Snabisch 

Game Credits:

Programmed with Pico-8 (

Music by Snabisch (

Main sprites by Kacper Wozniak (

Code and additional graphics  and sprites by Oscar BraindeaD (

BraindeaD Games 2022

If you liked the game, please consider donating to support the development of more games with new tools and new assets. Either way, I hope you have fun playing it.

This game cannot be used in any way as NFT

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tagsfantasy-console, knighmare, PICO-8


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Deleted 177 days ago

Thanks for playing! I'm not sure if I could release the p8.png file since this format includes the graphics in an open format (anyone with pico8 could access them) and this could conflict with the license of the sprites that I bought and used in the game.

Deleted 177 days ago

Good fun - but I think you should make the hitbox smaller on your hero - and also when he does maybe do some bigger particles and a skeleton or something - I noticed a couple of times I didn't even notice getting hit.

Also the powerups don't seem to match the graphics of the rest of the game - maybe a shaded orb or something...

Thanks for playing and share your ideas about the game! The powerup sprite is totally different to make it easier to identify... and for a clear Knightmare inspiration :)

I'll think about how to make the player's death clearer... even though I have few tokens left and no sprite space...

Thank you!

I think it's just because the circle is non shaded while the sprites are .  As for the player death, I think just a bigger particle effect would help - currently you kind of see the player disappear (and because of the collision detection sometimes the bullet didn't even officially hit the body) so if you cover it with a bigger "explosion" it might work, or dropping some sort of corpse or skull or something might work too.

Hi! new version uploaded with some of your suggestions. Thank you!

Looking great!

Great game with very nice pixel art.

Thak you, Carlos


Me recuerda al Knightmare de Konami un montón, por el escenario, los esqueletos, los murciélagos, la elección de armas...

Me alegra que te recuerde al Knightmare! Muchas gracias por tu aportación al juego con tus músicas!