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Holy crapcakes is the final version fast! I was so used to lolygagging around the maze in a previous version called "fast." Now the game moves in a much bigger hurry than even the old arcade version.  I'm missing turns and I've no think-time to plot against the ghosts. I love it! It's the most frantic version of Pac Mac ever!  

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:) I'm glad you like it

So now, two weeks later, I've come to realize that what I thought was crazy fast is actually just the proper speed of Pac Man.  I had been lulled from playing the original slow release a lot.  That slow version is still cool.  You should drop the word "fast" and rename the final version simply One Bit Pac Man and also keep the slow one available but call it Zen Mode. ;)

Hey! thanks for keep playing the game and comment! Yes, maybe I should rename the binaries to avoid confussion. Zen Pacman... Hmmm... it likes me! :)

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So after playing this daily, there is one thing on my wishlist: Could the menu screen display the score of the last game played? (last score and high score could go together perhaps).  There is not time to see your score when it's Game Over, and I'm always left wondering how close I came to my high every time. 

Adding this small but important feature would also give you an opportunity to rename the binaries to 1-Bit Pac Man and Zen 1-Bit Pac Man  :)

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Thank you for the last score idea, I've uploaded a new version of fast an ZEN pacman with it. Thanks you a lot! 

Am I missing something with the faster version? I loaded both versions onto my Playdate, and the fast version runs identically to the slow version. It's not faster at all.

Faster version runs at 50 fps instead of 30 fps of the normal version. I do not own the real device yet so I only can test with the device emulator. Other players with real devices experimented a little game speed up with fast version. Best regards.

On a real device, it is definitely not faster unfortunately. It's still a nice little take on Pac-Man for the Playdate, but I can confirm that the fast version runs identically to the normal version on a real device.

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Ok, thanks for your tests and comments. Please could you try the new version I just uploaded? It's called

I hope it runs faster in the real hardware than previous versions.

Thank you!

That definitely fixed it! The final version runs a lot faster now on real hardware. Thanks!

Thank you for your help!

Best regards

This game is pretty damn good.  definitely gotta rock the fast version! Maybe add in some song?  You need to clone more of these classics..super Pac-Man. Jungle king..tempest..donkey Kong etc 😍

Thanks for playing and comment! More classics will come, sure! Best regards!

The scrolling playfield works great, and the variety of powerups is a fun twist!

Thank you for play and comment! The idea of the powerups was taken from Deluxe pacman for commodore Amiga (by Edgar Vigdal)... IMHO one of the best pacman clones ever made, very playable today.

Interesting. I have an Amiga, but I don't think I have any kind of Pac-Man for it.

I think that Deluxe pacman is currently listed as public domain, so you can easily get it from aminet or Amiga ftp. There is AGA and OCS/ECS version. The same author also programmed galaga deluxe for the Amiga, which is also impressive! Both are really fun and deserve to be played!

Cool! I have to get around to resurrecting or replacing the hard drive on my Amiga. Floppies still work, luckily.