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Me encanta ese estilo gráfico.

Gracias, Snabisch!

Que bueno!

Gracias, Duefectu! abandona el Basic y pásate al lado oscuro del LUA!!! :)

Te equivocas, el lado oscuro es el retro!!! xxD

Love the game but it won't save my high score.

Hi adamantibus! Thanks for playing. Not sure what is the problem with saves. Are you playing in real device or in the simulator? In simulator it works well. It's weird, no one else has reported problems with savestate...

I play on the device and the HI is always 100 and LAST remains 0.

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You are right, there was a problem and doesn't save the hi and last score if the game finish and the player doesn't continue. It must be fixed now, please download the game again. Thanks for your help! 

Hiya, the buildNumber is the same, so it needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled.

My fault! when i fix the next bug i will fix the build id. Hiscore recording works fine now, right?

Fun, challenging and polished game.
Just lost all my lives and continues at level 8.
Played on simulator.

Thanks for playing and comment! Hey, reach level 8 is really good for firsts playings! Best regards!